At uni, should be working on essay's but instead arsing about on the internet. Remember life loves the slacker....and we live longer.X


Hello everyone, I'm so bored!!! Since my operation i've not been allowed to leave my room for nearly two weeks and i'm getting a little bit of cabin fever. Thank god i've had a good book to read! "Priestess of the white" by Trudi canavan it is so good, I can't put it down. Feeling a little washed out tonight so just a short entry.
Long days and pleasant nights.
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ohh your going regret this.

Right sweetpea ! ha! you've declared war have you? well fine ! you may be able to paint pics and do all this fancy stuff like put my face on the body of a squirrel, but i have a few tricks up my sleave for when your least expecting it.....maybe not today....maybe not tommorow....but one day you will feel the ultimate power and wrath of the FISH MERCHANT ! MMWAAAHHHHAHAHA ! (see you at work tommorow night x) MMWAAAHHHAHAHA!
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Right ok so today i was of work again and i thought Yeah ! But God thought No! So he decided to get a few bits and pieces for me to do, for example 1, i had to wash the car...2, my dad was doing some DIY on the floor boards next to my room (what was he fixing i hear you ask..Who knows?! do you know?! i don't!) and guess what.. yep he puts a nail through the water pipe and the hall and my room begins to flood!! so i spend 25 mins with my thumb over the hole while he calls a plumber. Hooray the plumbers comes ! but god thinks no chance and tells the plumber to forget the tool he needs!! i mean what the F*^*K !!! so i spent 1 hour 15 mins holding the damn pipe while the skin from my thumb begins to melt away....i mean what the hell do we have running through our pipes?! Acid??????! Anyway the plumber comes back and fixes the pipe..(at last) and i stick on my swimming trunks and goggels and begin to clean up my room. In actual fact it didn,nt take that long to clean. And last but not least coming in at number 3...i decide that i deserve to have a wee bit fun and stick on my gamecube to play res evil....BUT NO GOD DECIDES NOT THIS TIME BUD!!!! and my memory card is corrupt and i lose all saved games of nearly everything!!! AAAHHHHHGGGGG!!!!!! Anyway thats enough about me, how are you? AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!